Get back to not thinking about your feet.
What is a Chiropodist?

A Chiropodist is a primary health care provider who assesses and treats a multitude of general and preventative foot conditions. From the simple to the protracted, we treat all the levels of the foot from skin and nail infections to bone and joint pain. While a physician’s referral to our clinic is not required, many physicians and other medical professionals refer their patients for consultation. A consultation includes a full history and foot exam as the basis of a comprehensive management plan for your foot care.


Foot problems affect over half the population. Prevention, assessment, and treatment require expertise and practical skills. Chiropodists undergo extensive training to meet these requirements. Many Chiropodists have taken 7 or 8 years of post secondary school training before beginning to practice.


A Bachelors Degree in Science, plus a 3-4 year Chiropody / Podiatry Program is generally undertaken in North America. Presently there are 7 American Podiatry schools and 1 Canadian Chiropody school. In Canada, Chiropodist and Podiatrist are interchangeable terms, are the only regulated Foot Professionals educated exclusively in the assessment and treatment of foot disorders.

The Chiropodist’s Work

The scope of practice varies from province to province, but generally practitioners will have several controlled acts.

These include the treatment of:

Structural and Bone Deformities
Biomechanical/Gait Analysis
Subcutaneous Lesions including Corns, Callus warts
Generic and Customized Orthotics
Generic/Orthopaedic and Custom Footwear
Soft tissue surgery: Ingrown Nails, et cetera
Wound Care: Venous, Arterial Ulcers
High Risk and Routine Foot Care

Treatments Might Involve

Physical Therapies, Taping, Laser, Ultrasound
Neurocyro Stimulation

Treatments Might Include

Injections of Anaesthetics/Steroids
Prescription of Designated Drugs
Subcutaneous and Nail Surgical Procedures

Did You Know?

A Chiropodist attends a single track Podiatric Medical School, where medicine, surgery, immunology, radiology, and pathomechanics are among the subjects studied. The modern Chiropodist is uniquely placed to provide comprehensive footcare.

Studies in North America and Europe have shown that with regular treatment from a Chiropodist many elderly patients remain ambulatory, active, and in their own homes for a longer period of time.