Get back to not thinking about your feet.

"Kingston is fortunate to have Julia Merry.
As a long-time diabetic …
I’ve had many foot problems, and several specialists to treat them. No one has been as effective as Julia. She really listens when I describe a problem, and she always suggests a good solution. I’ve bought three pairs of custom orthotics and three pairs of orthopaedic shoes from her clinic, and all have been superb. I just wish that my former hometown had had a foot-care professional as good as Julia!”
— Fred Faust

"I was referred to Julia Merry by my physician in late September 2011 …
At the time I received a prescription from my physician for Penlac. When I began treatment the nails on both of my big toes were thick, flaking away and in very bad shape. I have attended the Merry Family Foot Clinic with Julia every six weeks since 2011. My nails have improved greatly under her constant care. In September of 2013 I asked for a prescription renewal as I had run out of repeat ones from my physician. Julia prescribed FFN-Rx which I started to use in last September. What I have noticed in the last few months is a HUGE improvement in the state my nails. Actually the improvement has been dramatic with I compare the results from Penlac versus the results from FFN-Rx. As a patient I would highly recommend using FFN-Rx for all fungus related problems."
— Eleanor

"To say that Julia Merry is a fantastic chiropodist would be an understatement. I truly believe that I have both of my feet and am still able to walk because of this amazing lady.

She has compassion and takes the time to listen to what the patient has to say. She describes each and every procedure and why she is doing it and is not afraid to repeat it if necessary.

Her kindness is exemplified in the way she treats not only her patients but her staff. It is reassuring to know that she has the same mannerisms to all and that it is genuine.

Julia has taken the time to make sure that any small issues remain just that small and taken care of immediately. She is the one of the best and I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants A class service and 100% dedication and support.

I cannot thank Julia enough for what she has done and continue to do for me. I have the utmost respect for her as that is what I receive in return.

For custom orthotics and shoes, Merry Family Foot Clinic is the place to go!!"
— Bonnie Fleming

"A little over a year ago I had been recommended to see Julia.
As I sat in the waiting room, I could overhear Julia speaking WITH another client. I was so impressed with her knowledge, her patience, and her genuine presence. I knew and know that my feet were in great hands. Thank you for keeping me in my beloved heels."
— Cindy Odell

"My experience with the Merry Foot Clinic has been a wonderful one.
The clinic is quite an amazing engine fueled by compassion and expertise.

I have had many challenges over the last ten years and have been treated kindly and with an extra dollop of TLC. An excellent experience with Julia Merry, an extraordinary human being."
— Nancy Brown

"For several years members of the My Family have routine foot care, …
on a regular basis, administered by Julia at the Merry Family Foot Clinic. Caring for diabetic feet, routine foot care and minor problems at times. We have all found Julia to be very personal and a caring Chiropodist and would highly recommend her to anyone who considers foot care essential."
— Dell Senior