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Diabetes can lead to serious foot problems such as neuropathy and ulcers. People with diabetes are also more prone to skin conditions and infections which can lead to toe, foot, and whole leg amputations if a bone infection or gangrene occurs.

Signs and Symptoms

· Neuropathy associated with diabetes may include numbness, loss of feeling, tingling, burning, and sometimes pain

· Ulcers may begin as a blister, discolouration, bruise, cut, or sore that does not begin to heal within two days.

Prevention and Treatments

· Prevention is the best medicine; regular foot care and foot health checkups with your Chiropodist are important to help prevent foot complications from diabetes.

· Always wear shoes or footwear inside and outside of the house; avoid walking barefoot or wearing open back/open toed sandals.

· Inspect feet daily for signs of infected nails, discolouration, callus and corns. Also check for blisters, bruising, cuts, or sores that do not start to heal in two days.

· Use of a high-quality moisturizer daily, but never between your toes.