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Toenail Fungus Testing

· Selective test for dermatophyte through colour change
· Accurate to 97%
· Results usually within 72 hours to 14 days at room temperature
· Two-year shelf life when refrigerated at 8°C / 2°F
· Made with cycloheximide, gentamicin and chloramphenicol
· Item Temperature Control: Refrigerated
· $30

DTM is a convenient and inexpensive culture test that can be used to confirm dermatophyte infections in diabetic patients with presumed onychomycosis. This test to be well suited for use in the primary care setting. Because oral antifungal agents are effective against dermatophyte species, which cause the vast majority of nail infections, diagnosis of onychomycosis requires confirmation of dermatophyte infection only, not identification of genus and species. DTM fulfills this requirement and has a diagnostic yield comparable to central laboratory culture.

DTM evaluations are available within 2 weeks, whereas laboratory culture results are available 4–6 weeks after the sample is obtained.