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Arthritis and Foot Pain
Athlete’s Foot
Corns and Calluses
Hammer Toes
Heel and Arch Pain
Nail Problems
Pes Planus
Poor Circulation
Severs Disease
Shockwave Therapy
Toenail Fungus Testing

Hammer, Mallet, and Claw Toes
Hammer toe usually affects a person’s second toe (the toe next to the big toe). But it can affect other toes, too. The main symptom of hammer toe is a toe that is bent upward at the middle joint. At first you may still be able to straighten out your toe. But over time, it will become painful and harder to do.

Mallet toe also usually affects the second toe, but can affect the third and fourth as well. Affects the joint furthest from the foot, causing the tip of the toe to be on the ground.

Unlike in a hammer or mallet toe, a claw toe is affected in both joints of the toe causing the toe to curl and form a claw.

Deformities of the lesser digits can result in corns and calluses due to the increased pressure in some areas of the toes. Toe devices can often be used assist in keeping the toes in a comfortable position and to prevent rubbing in footwear.